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Arts Alive Award for Patron(s) of the Arts

The Arts Alive Award for Patron(s) of the Arts recognizes an individual orBrenda Sisnett family who supports a variety of artistic, cultural and/or heritage activities through their continued financial donations.

The Award was presented to two people this year, and one is Brenda Sisnett.

Brenda is know as  a force to be reckoned with in terms of mobilizing resources for projects that have very significantly enhanced the cultural fabric of our community.  Most recently, Brenda chaired and gave the first donation to the Library Capital Campaign "Per Chance to Dream", to raise $1.2 million to help fund the major expansion and renovations to the Library and Cultural Centre which is just now reaching a very successful conclusion.  In this capacity, Brenda continued a long-time tradition in her family which was involved in the original funding efforts to build this facility some 30 years ago named after her father.  Brenda was also very involved in the Devereaux House restoration and is a supporter of many programs that support the cultural aspects of our community - too many to list in fact.