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Small Town Living at Its Best

The Community Brand Story

‚ÄčIn 2013, the Halton Hills Cultural Roundtable in partnership with the Town of Halton Hills developed a new community brand with input from local residents and the business community.  The goal of a community brand is to unite everyone around our shared values in order to preserve our distinctive character, protect our heritage and enhance our small town way of life.  It gives us a common purpose to rally around with a real sense of civic pride.  The new community brand is not the same as the Town's corporate brand - it's broader and embodies the spirit of our community.  Read more

Where to Use the Community Brand  

Living the Small Town Way

How to Use the Brand

Halton Hills Brand Logo Options

HH Smile Circle     HH Smile     HH Circle

HH Plain     HH Smile

The following charts shows the different options available for use of the logo.



For hi-res logos please click here to see all available options.

Tony Iavarone
Manager, Corporate Communications
Town of Halton
905-873-2601 ext 2412 or