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Tara Marsh Glass

Tara Marsh Glass


Contact  Info:     Tara Marsh


Location:            Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre

                          515 Main St.

                          Glen Williams,ON


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The creative process in my art pieces begins by brainstorming. Using the textures, colours and forms of nature as well as looking at artwork from the past and present.


There is a saying by John Opie that states  "Art is more godlike than science.  Science discovers; art creates".  Working with glass is a science, you never stop discovering its intricate characteristics of glass.  In spite of being better able to understand and control it, the art pieces are often unique and unpredictable.  I have developed a love for the medium of glass and continually strive to improve my skills.


"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece." (John Ruskie)