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Sheri Tenaglia

Sheri TenagliaSheri Tenaglia

Contact  Info:     Sheri Tenaglia


Location:           Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre

  515 Main St,

                         Glen Williams,ON


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"I have an ongoing fascination with texture, shape, colour and pattern found in the natural world.  Although having painted mostly representational for a vast part of my career, I have always had a great attraction to objects of the past and exploring ways in which to incorporate suggestive elements of the natural world into contemporary design. Unearthing discarded metal and accentuating its beauty with mixed media gives me a sense of uniting the past with the present, therefore in essence giving the past new life. Creating a body of work consisting of a wide variety of unconventional techniques, materials and design elements is one of my primary interests. My goals are twofold: to enjoy the process of creating quality work and that my work engages the viewer and challenges their perception.


Many of my mixed media works are multi-layered with an emphasis on textural qualities - each layer determines and guides the next. Through continual exploration of a variety of media, I have developed new techniques with unique textural effects. This has added a more three dimensional aspect which has enriched my present work leading me to new insights. My pieces are often constructed using a diverse combination of materials. By manipulating, distressing and conforming the material, some of my work often takes on an aged appearance. Ultimately, a well executed piece gives me a sense of inner fulfilment."