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Candace Slack

Candace Slack

Contact Info:     Candace Slack


Location:           5026 Erin First Line, R.R. #3

                         Acton, ON


Website Link: 




Artist Candace Slack describes her work as being narrative in nature as there is a story in every composition.   Her excitement and passion about motorcycles and people are described in her bold and colourful paintings depicting the streets of Port Dover, Ontario on Friday the 13th, along with detailed images of tanks and isolated parts of motorcycles.


Candace is an adventurer by nature and expresses that this event is all about adventurers.  The energy from motorcycle enthusiasts drawn from all parts of North America and abroad come to share their stories and passion and that’s what it’s all about.


You can see in her painting titled “ A chilly day in April 07”  the camaraderie of some die hard bikers, these are the adventurers she talks about, they bundle up in layers and leathers and face the challenges that mother nature hands to them.  Compositionally Candace was attracted to the body language, the repetition of Black leather contrasted with the white stone wall and how they were framed by the wall standing on the corner. Additionally, the black motorcycle with its reflective chrome exudes a hardness that compliments the biker’s leathers, a characteristic that is usually personified.


Several paintings such as “ A Little Key West in Port Dover” “Harley Davidson Street Wear” and “ Open For Business” are candid street scenes that preserve a people, place and time much like historical narrative 17th and 18th century paintings.  The characters in the paintings are diverse and as unique as the motorcycles they ride. Viewers have described that they feel as if they’re standing in the paintings and share the warmth of the street and the pedestrians walking by.


The diversity of the riders and the motorcycles they choose to ride also excites Candace, she explains that there are no two bikes exactly alike as you walk down the street amongst the thousands displayed.  Each bike is personalized creatively or humbly to reflect the personality of their owner.


Candace is a middle child of five children and was introduced to the motorized two wheelers when her brother received a Rupp 50cc.  This purchase attracted other buddies to get mini-bikes and soon motorcycles, the adventurer that Candace was revelled with every new motorcycle that crossed her path, loving the adrenaline that pumped thru her veins while riding bikes such as her brother's Bultaco Matador.


“Riding motorcycles has always excited me on many different levels, but mostly it satisfies the need to feel my senses heightened, that’s my journey, feeling alive!  I ride an F650 GS and I can take trails and roads that most cars cannot explore. I like riding bicycles too, but I just can’t obtain the speeds that get me high.”


Candace’s work can be seen on her website or at the Studio Gallery in Glen Williams,Ontario at the Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre.  For prices on giclees, paintings and enquires about commissions, please email: or call 519-856-2763.