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The Arts Alive Award/Heritage Halton Hills for Youth Leadership

The Arts Alive Award/Heritage Halton Hills for Youth LeadershipHayden Downes-Mills recognizes a youth leader under the age of 21 who has contributed in a significant way to our community's arts, culture or heritage.

The Award this year is presented to Hayden Downes-Mills of Hayden's Bikes.

In 2009 Hayden Downes-Mills' bike was stolen but instead of growing a hard spot in his heart over losing this important possession, Hayden and his family began repairing and giving away second hand bikes.  In the past three years Hayden has given away over 500 bikes to those who needed one in our community, both children and adults alike.

His family's efforts have been tireless (no pun intended) in gathering helpers and sponsors to help fix and store the many bikes that have now outgrown their garage.  This significant contribution to our community's cultural wellbeing is a poignant example of what one child an done family can do to make a difference.

Hayden we salute you and are so inspired by you!!!