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Draft Vision: "A Community of Communities where. . .

  • We promote our unique identity to highlight our cultural assets
  • There is an enhanced focus on:
    • Our natural heritage resources
    • The strategic development of arts, culture & heritage hubs
    • An interconnection of these hubs through natural pathways (water, paths, biking, hiking)
    • The regeneration & beautification of Hwy 7 to accurately represent Halton Hill's arts, culture and heritage
    • The repurposing of heritage and existing infrastructure for arts, culture and heritage uses
  • Arts, culture & heritage considerations are integrated into local planning processes
  • There is an ease of access to community information for residents and tourists
  • The arts, culture & heritage sectors excel through collatoration

Draft Goals:

  • Form an ongoing committee for one year to carry work forward
  • Investigate and choose model for a/c/h council/roundtable responsible for:
    • Finding a vision leader(s)
    • Planning for and hiring a cultural coordinator
    • Leading and resourcing key projects
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for key projects including:
    • Developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy (branding)
    • Designing and launching a single source information website
    • Identifying and beginning to develop plans for "hubs"
    • Developing a strategy to encourage collaboration
  • Attain THH Council support including an integrated a/c/h policy
  • Plan an annual Arts Festival