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Harry Milanowski

Harry Milanowski

Contact Info:      Harry Milanowski


Location:            Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre

                          515 Main St.

                          Glen Williams,ON


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Following graduation with honours from Central Technical School, Toronto, in the Art Course, Harry embarked on a career in the advertising and merchandising field.


When he retired from the advertising field, he turned his attention to his first love, painting; armed with invaluable insights he had gleaned while rubbing shoulders with many designers, illustrators and painters he had met in the commercial art business.


Harry is a member of the North Brampton Watercolour Society. The painters get together weekly to paint, critique and discuss local and worldly events.


He is always striving to express his creativity on a myriad of subjects. His choices of media are acrylics, watercolour, and oils, and his choice of subject is the Canadian Landscape.


Selections of Harrys’ workcan be viewed on the following websites: click onpainters